Seasonal & Lunar phases

Seasonal & Lunar phases

The menstrual cycle can be divided into four distinct phases.


Winter Phase

Days 1-5; menstruation,

Moon phase; New Moon/Full Moon

Winter is a time to rest, go inward and hibernate. The winter phase during your cycle is not different; you hormones are at their lowest, which means you often feel withdrawn. Shredding your endometrium, will also leave you feeling more tired than usual.

This phase is an ideal time to curl up with a hot water bottle, read a book, or write a journal but most importantly give yourself full permission to rest and recharge so you can be ready for the month ahead.


Spring Phase

Days 6-12; Follicular phase

Spring is a delicate time which calls for careful self-nurturing and a gentle pace. It is typically a time of growth, birth and renewal. You body begins to mature eggs for ovulation, and your estrogen levels begin to rise and increase, leaving you feeling energised, refreshed, confident and outgoing. This phase is perfect time to get planning, try new things, and connect to your visions and goals. It’s a perfect time to connect to nature.



Days 13-18; Ovulation

Moon phase; Full Moon/New Moon

The summer phase is all about connection and pleasure. Just like the heat of the summer makes it great for getting out socialising, and being creative. Your estrogen levels are peaking ready for the ovulation. You will probably notice your skin is looking clear and radiant and a burst of testosterone will boost your libido. You are feeling sexy, sassy and confident. A perfect time to spend with family and friends and enjoy life to the max!



Days 19-28; Luteal phase

Spring and summer highs have come to an end and you begin to wind down for the winter. It’s a time when you suddenly start to find things irritate you that wouldn’t normally and well meaning partners often ask, if they dare, “Is it that time of the month?” Autumn is the time when the onset of PMS, premenstrual symptoms, makes an appearance. Generally PMS is sign of a hormonal imbalance; this can be addresses used reflexology. Estrogen levels have dropped off and progesterone kicks in, which has a calming effect on the body, causing your mind to slow down and your energy levels start to decrease. Autumn is a perfect time to get your life in order. It’s time to cut back on your busy schedule and start to slow down, time to set relationship boundaries. It also time to be gentle on yourself – manage your inner critic


Typically the new moon is traditionally associated with menstruation, and the full moon with ovulation, this is known as the WHITE MOON CYCLE. This cycle is more commonly experienced by most women.

Some woman, however, get their period on the full moon, this is known as the RED MOON CYCLE. The red moon cycle has some interesting traditional connotations connected to it. it is said, that women who experience a Red Moon cycle have historically been thought to be healers, wise women, or medicine women. They would the women who would help take care of the other women who were on their period at the time themselves were ovulating.

It doesn’t matter whether you get your period on the full moon or the new moon, what matters is that you are having a healthy regular cycle that is consistent. If it’s not consistent, varies considerably in length, then it advised that you seek help to re-balance your hormones, you may even even have an underlying condition’s such as PCOS, fibroids or endometriosis.


By following your seasonal cycle you will learn to recognise and use the most appropriate energy that is available to you at any given moment. It’s a holistic approach that will help you work with your body rather than against it, enabling you to live a deeply aligned life.  You will also experience a far greater acceptance of your body, your menstrual cycle and your feminine nature.

Download this menstrual chart and begin to take charge. Jot down a few words about how you are feeling each day. You could add more details in a journal. After a few months, patterns will start to emerge. Very often just observing your cycle brings changes all by itself.


Some of the benefits women are experiencing as a result of menstrual cycle awareness are:

  • Embracing womanhood
  • Time management
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Feeling healthier and happier and in control
  • Discovering a natural way to manage birth-control.
  • Rekindling of the fire in their sexuality and creativity.
  • Enhanced relationships at home and work.
  • Increased intuition and problem solving skills.
  • Renewed child-like sense of adventure.
  • Reduced or eliminated period pain.
  • Enhanced fertility.