Sacred Womb

Sacred Womb

Women’s womb cycles were once considered to be incredibly sacred and powerful. The womb could not only conceive and birth babies, die and be reborn in a monthly cycle; it could also conceive and birth creations, visions, ideas and messages from Spirit world.

In spiritual circles we often talk or hear about connecting to the Heart and living from the Heart,  in order to grow and evolve, heal our relationships, and find our true purpose, but there is an even deeper place of connection for us to consider. It’s the Womb, not just the physical organ, but the actual womb space. A spiritual or energy centre that exists whether you have a womb or not, whether your womb is fertile or not, so many of us have never consciously connected with it.

Our womb space carries immense power and yet for many of us women it’s a very wounded or forgotten place, a place we don’t habitually connect to.

One of the direct and simplest to connect to our Womb space is through our breath. Place your hands on your womb, and think of your womb like a chalice cup that is literally filling with your breath. Your breath is like a golden liquid and as your womb receives your breath your womb space fills up and becomes luminous. You can let this golden liquid overflow from the chalice cup and fill your entire pelvic area.

Practising this should make you feel very grounded and peaceful. Your thoughts begin to slow down, and you start relax into your body,  situations in life that felt complicated and overwhelming become manageable as you connect. A deep intuition surfaces within your body guiding you like a compass. Your womb space knows what she needs. Take time to listen to her