Sacred Spaces

Sacred Spaces

What is a Sacred Space and what makes it sacred?

A sacred space is a defined area entirely dedicated to spiritually focused endeavours, whether it be used for meditation, prayer, journaling, reading or creative visualisation.

Sacred spaces can begin at home, with simple altars  in a quiet area of a room, or garden, comprising of just a few beautiful and meaningful items: a scented candle, crystals that resonate with you, elements of nature such as stones or driftwood that have taken your eye, rich silk cloths in resonant colours and burning of incense.

Sacred Female Wisdom offer sacred spaces to women to help them discover and re-connect with The Divine Feminine – the Goddess – in all Her forms.

Our sacred spaces, allow women to be seen and heard, and to celebrate and empower one another. In the safety of this sacred space, women we can let the truth and beauty of our authentic self be seen in all its resplendent majesty, it’s pain and vulnerability. We need to access, fully feel and release our feeling without judgement. Women so readily withhold how we truly feel, even hide behind a mask, than reveal who we really are or how we really feel in this modern day world.

Safe spaces are vital for the process of truly feeling your feelings and releasing deeply held emotions. As you allow your true self to evolve, the true essence of the Divine Feminine  can begin to flow through you.

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