Sacred Feminine

Sacred Feminine

What is a Goddess

A woman who is the process of learning to know, accept, and love herself on all levels.

Mind, body  and spirit.

A woman who, because she focuses on  personal growth and self awareness,

experiences  a life increasingly filled with peace,

love, joy, passion and fun.

A woman that understands that she has unlimited capacity

to make her life anything she wants.

A woman who is inspired to give to those around her

because of gratitude and abundance.  


The Sacred Feminine

The feminine is the matrix of creation. Without the sacred feminine nothing new can be born,  nothing new can come into existence. The Sacred Feminine gets involved with life, all aspects of it. She cares deeply about every situation in which she finds herself. She instinctively knows how to respond to the needs of her children, how she feels for their well being even when they are not physically present. And in her body she carries the greatest mystery, the potential to give birth: to bring the light of a soul into this world.

Women are weavers of energy, they build connections magically, the way a spider weaves her web. When in her power and balanced in her heart, she can smooth rough edges and bring peace and harmony naturally, just by holding.

There are things we can do to awaken this feminine power for ourselves. We all have the innate ability to awaken to our deeper nature, to find our own inner wisdom.

  1. Meditate with the Goddess, the Divine Feminine, the Water, the Moon, and the Womb.
  2. Visit Sacred Goddess Sites and connect with the ancient feminine energies they hold. Feminine energy can be felt at places with water, sacred wells, temples, mountains and shrines known for a goddess.
  3. Attend ceremonies or other ritual events focused on the feminine.