Our Story

Our Story


I am a mother of three, and grandmother of two, as well as being an awarding winning, advanced Intuitive Holistic Practitioner, specialising in Fertility & Maternity Care, Energy Healer, Womb Fairy Godmother, offering guidance of womb wisdom, both ancient and new, a facilitator of healing journeys, red tents and sacred circles, female empowerment and sacred sexuality and a blog author.

I have been working with women at all stages of the female cycle, holding space, supporting healing and journeying with women from fertility and as they head towards birth and beyond for a number of years.

Having always had an interest in “new age” cultures and traditions, my knowledge has grown over the years. I am always researching, reading or attending further studies. I had shown an personal interest in a Fertility Massage course with Clare Blake.  I felt it might hold an answer to my horrendous monthly bleeds, as the issues it addressed wasn’t just fertility but menstruation problems, as well as menopause. What I hadn’t prepared myself for was the huge shift I encountered during and after completing the course, not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well. My husband jokes that he has married a “hippie” My response was she was always there, hidden.

I was involved in a serious car accident when I was 8 months pregnant, carrying my second child. I had to be cut free from the wreckage. I didn’t go into early labour, in fact I was nearly two weeks late, but I ended up having an emergency c-section. I was still suffering with the after effects of the accident, which resulted in me not having full mobility, not being able to get dressed or take care of my personal needs, let alone trying to look after a new born and a young child. I was then diagnosed with PND. With that came the guilt of not bonding with my new born son, the frustration of how much my life had been effected from the impact of the accident and so on.

Fast forward to May 2017: For years after my last two boys were born, my periods were horrendous. I bled excessively for several days. It wasn’t uncommon to go through a whole box of tampons and a packet of pads in one day! Quite debilitating! On Clare’s course I learnt about our monthly cycles, I learnt about the lunar cycles, our seasons and how our emotions and energies change during the month, and how we as women are often disconnected from our womb space. I had no idea that we store so much grief and trauma there! Every emotion, feeling, even past sexual relationships can leave an impact, resulting in how our menstrual cycles work for us. It was like a huge “light bulb” moment. I got it! I knew why my bleeds were so heavy! The tears started to flow slowly at first, then a torrent as I sobbed, releasing all the guilt I had felt from the car accident and not bonding with my son, the issues that we had over the years as we constantly conflicted, it all came flooding out in waves of emotions. Physically my periods have become lighter, due to the love and nourishing of my womb space. Such a transformation! I now also know that because I now embrace my monthly bleed, my transition into menopause will be so much smoother.

I was so delighted to feel this way, but at the time so angry, why wasn’t I told this by my mother, and her by her grandmother, working it way through the maternal ancestral line.  Why wasn’t I taught all this at school with sex education. Why did I not know all this prior me hitting my 50’s! Which is where the shift came in. I wanted to help share this wisdom of our cycles with as many women as I could. I wanted to join the growing movement of sisterhood circles cropping up around the globe internationally, as women are beginning to reclaim their feminine powers. Red tents, sacred circles, women’s retreats are growing in numbers.

Coming together with Debbie, we drew from not only our personal but business experience to give birth to the Sacred Female Circle sisterhood. We both felt a calling that we needed to grow our tribe as did many other women in our circle of friends. A strong desire to reconnect women with ancient wisdom of our female lunar cycles, a need to offer women a space to speak freely, and feel supported and nurtured, and so our journey began.



Hi’ I’m Deb, I love sci-fi, tattoos (getting and appreciating others), being outdoors with the trees or in the rain. I’m an occasional impulse shopper and my dream job would be to work in a cinema as I find there is something magical about those places what with all the imagination that they bring to life (Plus I LOVE the smell of popcorn!) I’m a serial volunteer, a wanna be vegan and music and dancing make me happy but I don’t do it enough!

As well as being me, I am also a mum of 2, a wife (to just the one!), a daughter to a wonderful mum and a missed dad who has left this earth, a sister to three brothers, sister in law to 4 amazing ladies and a lovely brother in law and an Aunty to loads of kids (Hope you’re still with me!). I also have a lovely spaniel called Charlie and two guinea pigs. I’ve had the same best friends for 30 years and I am privileged to have many other amazing people embrace me as their friend, especially since becoming a mummy! I’m a business women, running events and marketing through my community focused business Mummies Club Waterlooville and Havant and I’m also a Relax Kids coach (Relax Kids Waterlooville), helping to create calm, confident children and adults.

So, in a nutshell that’s the ‘who’ summed up but here’s a little bit more about me and how I came to be on this journey.
When I was a kid, I would meditate, burn incense and candles, and watch the sunset in my bedroom. I’d stay up late reading books and then enjoy looking out my window at the stars in the sky, always aware of the connection we have with the world around us and ourselves. I first went camping in the New Forest with my secondary school and I loved the way it made me feel and still to this day it is one of my most favourite places to be. However as I grew older and grown up things took over, at some point I let go of being connected. I had quite a mainstream journey into adulthood, college, dating, parties, alcohol, taking up a career as a nurse, meeting my husband in my last year of uni, diagnosed with depression,getting a job,  moving out of the family home, moving in with my future hubby, etc(you get the jist).
Anyway, long story short, as a child I felt connected but as an adult I lost my way.  I still always believed and knew the connection was there but I stopped placing importance on it, only occasionally revisiting the things that made me feel grounded, knowing it helped my depression and anxiety (which grew in my late 20’s) but being too busy to commit to it as a way of life.
When I hit 30 and after 9 years together I finally became Mrs P and became pregnant with my first Pea with the second following soon after. With 18 months gap between them it was such a shock to the system, I had PND and anxiety after each and still to this day feel it at times even though my youngest is 3.5years. But somehow through the challenges,  becoming a mother awoke my need to feel connected and over the past 5 years I’ve learnt so much about myself and I’ve become part of an inspiring tribe.
However, the biggest awakening for me was discovering I had a borderline ovarian tumour in 2016. It shook my whole foundations and broke my heart when I was then told that I’d need a total hysterectomy including removing my remaining ovary and fallopian tube. I’d discovered that something was wrong late 2015 when we tried for Pea 3 but I had a very early miscarriage so to then be told that I needed this operation was hard as it meant no more Peas!
At the age of 35, I’m now 9 months post surgery and due to no longer having ovaries I have been thrown into Surgical Menopause (which should be called Oestrogen Deficiency as it is very different to natural menopause). Losing my womb and all that enabled me to make life has ironically allowed me to give birth to a new part of myself. My physical and mental wellbeing is still going through a lot of change and I have good and bad days but for the first time in a long time, I feel connected to me again. It is both a privilege and a blessing that Tania has invited me to create the Sacred Female Wisdom with her. I’m excited to see where this path will lead me and even more excited about the many strong, courageous and beautiful girls and women I will meet along the way!