Nurturing Your Womb Space

Nurturing Your Womb Space

Your womb energy is the key foundation of energy that keeps you grounded in your physical body and connected to your body-based feelings, and your vital sexual power. All women can tap into this energy whether or not they have had children, whether they are fertile or post menopausal, and even if they have had their wombs partially or wholly removed.

The womb space is the creative centre of ourselves and is associated with the sacral chakra. Too often we are disconnected from it, sadly neglecting it, or treating it with contempt of negativity, whether because of menstruation issues, menopause or hysterectomy. Or perhaps we are holding old fears and patterns that have come from our parents, or from early negative sexual experiences. When we shun our womb space we damage our creative flow. Physical ailments can occur, and dis-ease manifest when the energy is not flowing freely.  Physically and energetically our wombs store emotional upsets/traumas effecting our nature cycles and digestive system, not mention the tension in our lower backs. 

To help heal this imbalance it is necessary to physically and consciously connect with your Womb and to activate her healing and grounding feminine energy. Physical self-care and pampering is very nurturing to our womb space and helps embody the creative cycle of receiving, transforming, creating and giving.

Setting time aside to healing our womb space/sacral chakra can start with expressing yourself freely with any medium:-

  • drawing,
  • painting,
  • arts & crafts,
  • journalling,
  • gardening,
  • baking.

Having a Sacral Womb Massage or womb blessing can also promote healing too. Regular self womb massages can also connect you energetically to your womb space, which can reopen blocked energy paths and release blocked chi, or life force, that has accumulated due to pent-up emotions.

Should you wish to know more about Womb Blessings or Sacral Womb Massage, or schedule in an appointment,  do get in touch here.