Maternal Ancestral Line

Maternal Ancestral Line

As a woman, you have been affected by threads of conditioning, which has been passed down through the maternal ancestral line of your mother. This blueprint is how you react with relationships you have with everything and everyone, especially yourself. Even your relationship with money is affected by those experiences and the genetic DNA that was passed down through the female line.  We are linked to these women; to their trauma, pain, and suffering but also to their strength, courage, resourcefulness and wisdom.

If you felt your maternal instinct of motherly love was inhibited in some way, it is possible that these uncomfortable feelings and conflicted experiences are often the result of your mother experiencing something similar. A pattern that can repeat itself through generations.

Generations of women in our past, have experienced abuse and punishment. Females have been suppressed due to either religious or political beliefs. We were shamed because we bled, it became a taboo subject and so on. All these situations have played a part in our maternal ancestral line and played a part in the subconscious and cellular patterns within our genetics.

When the egg you grew from was formed in your mother’s ovaries, she was gestating in her mother’s womb, it was the same for your mother, grandmother, and so on. Your genetic makeup before you were even born, was therefore influenced by not only your mother but also your grandmothers. This pattern repeats itself through generations.

This repeated pattern going back through the generations results in the attitudes, beliefs, unresolved emotions, & trauma experienced by the members of your ancestral line attaching to you physically through your cellular structure and DNA whilst you were gestating and physically forming in the womb.

A combination of genetic and cultural conditioning can create barriers or blocks to achieving your desires, limiting your ability to achieve abundance, good health, and self love.

It is possible to clear and heal the maternal ancestral line and gently embrace our imbalances, awaken our connection with our hearts and wombs and reclaim the divine feminine within us.

This is for you if you:

  • You are ready to break the cycle of family trauma and disease
  • You long to be free of the constants, and limiting beliefs, the shame and abuse passed down through your maternal ancestral line
  • You wish to ensure that these negatives patterns no longer exists for yourself and your descendants, especially your daughter and grand daughters and so on
  • You know you deserve more and wish to embrace self-love and self-worth

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