Honouring Your Moon Time

Honouring Your Moon Time

“The crone emerges during the late pre-menstrual and bleeding time. She can be a wise woman or a destructive witch depending on how she handles this time. Her mood darkens and she becomes pulled inward, becoming quieter, more reflective and more in touch with the dream time. She is less ‘in the world’ and like an older person is in need of more rest. This time has many gifts for the woman and her community, if she can learn to retreat and allow her visions to emerge from the darkest depths.”

~excerpt from ’Moon Time – A guide to celebrating your menstrual cycle’ by Lucy H. Pearce


Did you know that that in ancient cultures our ancestors understood that a woman’s bleeding time was a sacred time? They knew the importance of allowing each woman to have her Sacred Space during this time of reconnection, because women were the carriers of abundance and fertility.

Various cultures including Native American, Aborigine, Druid and African, regarded a menstruating woman to be incredibly sacred and blessed with a gift to heal, protect or to bridge into the higher realms of awareness. The Native American tribes reserved Moon Lodges for their menstruating women. These Moon Lodges were places for the women to gather, rest, introspect and dream. Their resulting dreams and visions would be shared for the benefit of the whole tribe. According to a Native American tradition the fastest way to destroy a village was to simply destroy their Moon Lodges – the place where the women gathered, others say that according to the Cherokee, menstrual blood was considered a source of feminine strength that could destroy enemies. Indigenous peoples have also revered menstrual blood. Some used it as offerings to the gods while others considered it a form of magical protection.

Menstrual cycles were also considered a magical way of counting and tracking time. Women’s cycles often coincided with the lunar phases. Archaeologists have even found moon calendars carved in rock as early as prehistoric times.

As part of many tribal traditions, a young womans menarche was also celebrated with a ceremony, to recognise and honour her first blood. Now in the West, little or no acknowledge is made to this. There is no gathering of wise elders, no coming together of the community as there used to be.

Menstruation should have taken on its own pattern of cycling after the first year of a woman’s bleed. Prior to our bleeds, some woman experience PMT, which is our body’s way of telling us to go within, to seek time alone to reconnect to nature.

Nowadays women are simply inconvenienced, annoyed or completely indifferent to their period cycles and have forgotten how to just “be” and honour our moontime. Learning to love your body during your monthly bleed is about realising that as a female you are a cyclical being. This is one of the most charming and beautiful things about being a female: your body, mind and emotions are constantly ebbing and flowing. You are like the moon, the seasons, the life force itself. In fact, the entire menstrual cycle is about birth, life, growth and decay.

Once upon a time, mothers, aunts, grandmas passed down knowledge and insight about this sacred cycle. They’d share what it means. They’d rejoice in how to unfold beautifully through it and acknowledge how to embrace our divinely given energies.


Honour & Embrace Our Moon Time 

  • Create or attend your own Moon Lodge or Red Tent
  • Rest and relaxation: Allowing our self space with no expectations, but to spoil and romance our self is deeply nourishing and satisfying. For some this will interpret to snuggling up with a movie and tasty treats, others this means a glass of wine and a bubble bath kissed with rose petals and essential oil.
  • Meditate: Bring yourself to a deeply relaxed state and establish a connection with your womb, the source of your feminine power and infinite creativity. Ask any question you have at this moment in your life, and write down what your womb has to say to you.
  • Eat well: Eating a healthy well balanced diet, will give our body the nutrients that it needs, our PMT symptoms then become more manageable
  • Take a bath: Bathing can be a beautiful way to self-nurture during your moon. It is a deeply comforting way to release the tensions of our day and invite realignment. Intentionally preparing yourself a healing bath is a sacred way of signalling to yourself that you are taken care of, that you are taking time to nurture yourself. Think about creating a sacred space around and within your bath. Put 10-20 drops of essential oil into the water before you step in. Light candles, put on healing music, and let yourself steep
  • Giving back to nature: Our blood is so full of essential nutriments and nitrogen, ideally using cotton organic pads, allow them to soak in cold water, collect the blood infused water and simply pour at your plants roots in the garden.  Moon-fed plants simply glow!
  • Letting go: The shedding of menses is symbolic of shedding any accumulated negative energy during the previous weeks. It is an opportunity to let go of that which no longer serves. focus your energy on one thing you would like to let go of in your life— whether it’s a belief, an outmoded relationship, negative thoughts about yourself, an attachment to a certain outcome. When you illuminate these things, and make the clear intention to release them with your blood, you create a profound flow of cleansing energy. The power of your intention can make that practice of letting go doubly strong.
  • Hydrate: Make a special tea blend that you drink during menstruation
  • Connect to the Moon: Go outside at night and notice what phase the moon is in while you are bleeding. Is it new or full, waning, waxing or hidden? Is it in a different phase than in the last time you bled? Spend some time outside, connect with and honour the natural rhythms of life and your own menstrual cycle.
  • Record: Journal and record your thoughts and dreams
  • Set up a Moon Time Altar: Start by bringing a tarot deck to your womb and asking for a message, energy, or insight.  Add a few of your most sacred altar pieces to hold space and allow your moon-time altar to create itself. Add candles, fresh flowers, art pieces, quotes and so on. Make it your own sacred space.


Designing your own Moon Time ritual around you and your personal needs. Most importantly, give yourself the space to slow down, be quiet and treat yourself with tenderness.

Nature has blessed us women with the ability to live according to a sacred cycle which helps us to honour our energetic, sexual, emotional and spiritual needs each and every month.

From our sisterly heart to yours

Tania & Debbie